Handcart Days in Bountiful

Every year the days of Handcart Days Parade marches down Main Street in Bountiful.  We get to have a first hand look at all the marching bands, floats, clowns, and dancers!

We love it when everyone sits in front of the store snatching candy from the floats as they go by.

Utah celebrates the 24th of July every year….it is almost bigger than the 4th of July!! 

My family took a drive up the hill and walked through a thousand {I know it wasn't that, but it was a lot!} of people and found our perfect spot just below the hill where they shot off the fireworks.  It was sooo much fun! –not walking through the crowd– but watching.  The kids had a blast munching on treats and laying down watching it right above our heads.

The book store gets a bit more business during this week— next year you better get in so you don't miss the good stuff!   We pull books that are related to our country for a special display so they are easy to find and read.

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